It was a blur. Recollecting what happened on which day is impossible, and no matter what we say here, we will never do Tokyo justice. So here are some awesome things we did, in no particular order:

We met up with Andrew and had a blast exploring the city, because the world is huge but not big enough to prevent your friend from New York from meeting you in Japan.

We visited a Maid café. Worth it? Probably not. Weird? Definitely. Were there some regulars who were totally into it? Oh yea. The whole kawaii (mega super cutesy) culture in Japan can be shocking, and this was a prime, almost fetishistic example.

We wandered in the electric city of Akihabara, where video games, japanamation, manga, and pornography all mix in a sense-overloading bolus of neon.

Andrew and Dima stumbled through Golden Gai for an entire night, making friends with an independent film maker with an interest in vaping culture (culture should be in quotes), where the late night involved tiny bars, karaoke, and a run-in with a well-known Japanese actor.

We went to Shibuya, Harajuku and Ginza, ate a lot, and then drank, and then ate more. Although by this point we may have had too much Japanese food, so we branched out to other cuisine. Andrew even introduced us to the finest food in Japan – the egg salad sandwich from Lawson, the convenience store.

A dynamic, bustling city and a blur of a weekend was the perfect way to end our Japanese adventure. Two weeks traveling and we feel like we’ve just barely skimmed the surface – in fact, we’re already discussing our next trip.

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