We’ve been dreaming about going to Japan for years now, so there was a lot of anticipation leading up to this trip. In the hopes of catching some cherry blossoms, we planned a trip at the end of March/beginning of April.

I can only describe stepping off of the plane and into Osaka as a breath of fresh air; while we loved Seoul, the pristine environment and organization was a welcome change after a weekend of (fun) chaos.

We explored Dotonbori, strolling past the famous massive mechanical crab, countless food vendors and tons of tourists. The streets were lively and the people were friendly. We ate some yakitori and stumbled into a sushi bar in an alley off of the main strip.

After venturing back into Dotonbori for breakfast the next day, we worked our way to Osaka Castle Park for our first glimpse of cherry blossoms. It was still quite cold, but the few blossoms we saw delighted us.

We ate ramen at Zundo-ya, which was, hands down, the best ramen we’ve ever consumed. After demonstrating an embarrassing lack of control where we could not stop eating, the food coma was real.

Something that needs to be discussed: Japan’s toilet game is ON POINT. Between the heated seat, high-tech bidets and privacy music, my bathroom expectations have been forever changed.

Osaka was probably our favorite place we visited on this trip, perhaps because it was where we first set foot in Japan or perhaps just because it was fabulous. We found the Japanese to be so friendly, going out of their way to offer directions or help. Osaka itself was bustling in the most spectacular way; the streets were pristine and there were vending machines with peeled apples, hot coffee and ice cream. Do you really need anything else in life?

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