The last leg of our trip was to Singapore. We had to fly through to get home anyway, so we decided to extend our layover and spend a couple days exploring the city.

Before our trip, I had done a ton of research and made a list of different places to go, festivals and markets that would be taking place, and restaurants and bars that we had to try. And I left that beautiful list on my computer in Wellington. So..we improvised.

We arrived late on Saturday, so we only had time for dinner and drinks. Having no real game plan, we spent Sunday strolling through the city. It was pretty hot and we seemed to constantly find ourselves inside a shopping center—though I’m not quite sure whether it was because of the air conditioning or because there wasn’t much else to do.

We were a bit surprised by how many restaurants were closed on Sunday. We finally stumbled upon Shiraishi, a Japanese restaurant inside of the Ritz-Carlton. We chose the tasting menu and were seated at the sushi bar. It was initially rather intimidating, as the servers had very particular placements of our dishes, instructions on when we should be using soy sauce and how we should be eating the meal (with/without chopsticks, etc.), but it ended up being a wonderful dining experience. The meal was initially fairly average, until we got to the sushi dishes. It was, hands down, the best sushi and sashimi we have ever tasted. It was fresh and melted in your mouth, with the perfect amount of wasabi added and no soy sauce needed. It was perfection. And I’m drooling just thinking about it. The maître d’ was a very nice Japanese man who even offered us some restaurant recommendations for our trip to Japan in March. Success!

After dinner, we went to 1-Altitude, a rooftop bar that offers a panoramic view of the city where we enjoyed sweet throwback jams and an obligatory Singapore Sling.

We had a late flight out of Singapore on Monday, so we spent another day wandering. We strolled through the markets in Chinatown and grabbed chicken rice at the hawker market. Hoping to limit how sweaty we got before our 12+ hour flight home, we went to the movies. (We saw Inferno…it was awful.)

It’s safe to say that Singapore wasn’t our favorite—we would have much preferred another weekend in Sydney—but in any case, it was nice to check out a new city.

The more we travel, the more Wellington feels like home. We had an unbelievable trip, but we were happy to get back to New Zealand…where we were even greeted with a bit of sunshine!

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