We continued our exploration of the North Island this past weekend. We ventured out to Cape Palliser, which is the southernmost point of the North Island. It’s right along the coast about two hours east of Wellington. We had a few other options for day trips, but when we heard there would be seals…we were sold.

The first hour was the same route as our trip to Martinborough and it was as thrilling as the first time. Then we made our way around Lake Wairarapa and continued south. We didn’t get a chance to pop by Lake Ferry, so we’ll add that to our list for next time.

As expected, the sheep have us seriously outnumbered. They’re everywhere! We’ve made it our personal goal to (snuggle and) shear one before we leave.

The views at Cape Palliser were breathtaking (as was the wind!). First we popped off to hang out with some seals. They are adorable…and super snoozy. It’s amazing how close you’re able to get to them. Just don’t get too close to the pups…the mamas have been known to charge! If you drive a little further there is a lighthouse that offers a spectacular view. It’s about 250 steep steps to the top, but well worth the climb.

Next up in our exploration of the North Island: the west coast!

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