Prior to arriving, we were told two main things about Wellington: the people are unbelievably nice and there’s a huge coffee/brunch culture. They were right on the mark.

We’ve only been here a week and brunch has already turned into my most favorite pastime. Between the gourmet-style waffles, poached eggs and potato gratin, we certainly won’t be getting skinny over the next year.

Prefab is this great spot just a few streets away. With a mix of industrial and rustic décor, a delicious menu and super friendly staff, it’s already turned into one of our favorite spots. We’ve tried half the menu at this point and have yet to be disappointed. We’ve also just learned that they serve non-espresso based drip coffee (something I have been desperate for since we’ve arrived)…so if you’re ever unsure of where I am, you can probably bet I’m at Prefab.

Another brunch spot we’ve hit up more than once is Olive on Cuba. On top of the great food (we’ve already had the fried chicken twice and Dima was recently conquered by The Works), they also have reliable wifi…something else I’ve been desperate for since we’ve arrived.

Overall, Wellington is living up to its brunch game reputation. Consider us well fed.



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