We continue our exploration of the city while the weather permits and the winds don’t threaten to blow my wife over. One of the sights is Mt. Victoria, with a nice view of the city, which is where we ventured. Interestingly, it’s right next to where they filmed the road scenes in the first Lord of the Rings (like where Frodo and co. hide next to the road…for all you nerds). It’s right in town, with a super steep trek up to get to a nice 360-degree view of Wellington and the several bays. Some crazy kiwis (not the birds, just the way New Zealanders are referred to) apparently also mountain bike down this hill, through the trees, which to me seems super unsafe, it’s like a 30 degree downslope… Once you get to the top, you realize that you could just drive a car up the other side, which is obviously lame. We met some Americans there, a bunch of elderly Mormon missionaries, that may have tried to convert us, in a very nice way.

It’s a little city but with a ton of character and fun things to do it seems. We made it down right before sunset, which this far south in the winter is at 5pm, and rewarded ourselves with a big bowl of noodles on Courtenay Place. It was sweet as! (kiwi slang, means awesome).

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