Jet lag hit, unsurprisingly. Being wide awake at 3 am has it upsides, we got to see the sunrise over the bay. Around 7 we made it out and wandered the (unsurprisingly) empty and surprisingly chilly streets. A block away on Victoria street we found a weekly open-air market, with a ridiculous amount of amazing produce. We wandered some more, all the way down to the bay to watch the rowing club, essentially biding our time until something opened so we could eat.

We ended up at Olive, a one minute walk from our front door, right on Cuba street. We had an incredible brunch, I had fried chicken on a potato pancake waffle, and Kate had a tiramisu waffle with boysenberry mascarpone. Yum. Wellington food scene so far is excellent! Also learning the coffee lingo. So far our favorite has been the long black- double shot of espresso with a bit of hot water.

A hipster haircut, a hike around the city, and an authentic Vietnamese lunch later, and we couldn’t be happier. The weather is still chilly, but the sun is incredibly powerful- the sunny side of the street is at least 15 degrees warmer.


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