Well, this is it. Tomorrow Kate and I leave Philly behind, get on a 24 hour flight, and make our way over to Wellington, New Zealand. This week has been absolutely crazy, with packing up our apartment, moving out of our apartment, packing up our life into 4 large suitcases (yes that’s right, 4), saying goodbye to as many people as we can, and mentally preparing for the trip.

A year is a long time, but we are beyond excited! To avoid getting lonely, we already have some visitors planned, who have already booked tickets so they can’t get out of it. We have an apartment waiting for us, fully furnished with a second bedroom, all waiting for them. The more the merrier! Also my colleagues that have already spent some time in Welly (trying on the vernacular for size) have hooked us up with some contacts, so we’ll feel extra welcome.

Since this is our first post, and I’m sure the only people that’ll actually read this are our close friends and family, we leave you with a heavy heart, at once excited for the adventure and saddened to miss you all so much for an entire year.

Eek! It’s the final countdown!

D and K

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